Citytrip London

A city trip to London is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys relaxed shopping, visiting impressive sights or a leisurely stroll in the beautiful parks of the English capital. We believe that you should not pass up a city trip to this city. This city is too nice not to include a visit. We have listed the best attractions for you.

Why you choose this city

London is a city with an incredibly versatile character. There is so much to do in this city, both during the day and at night, that the city offers something for everyone. The city is only an hour’s flight from our country, so you’ll be in the capital of England in no time. Whether you like peace and quiet or you like to look up the hustle and bustle in the center, it is all possible in this city.

Make nice trips

The city is of course known for the world famous red double decker buses. Of course you can take it for a ride during your stay in the city. A typical British dish is Fish & Chips. Numerous restaurants offer you the opportunity to eat this dish. During a city trip you cannot escape enjoying an extensive English breakfast. Something to keep in mind when you book a hotel stay.

What relaxing activities can you do? Well, there is enough to mention that you can do to make it a successful city trip. How about sailing on the Thames, for example? From the boat you have a wonderful view of Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.

Shop in Covent Garden and unwind in Hyde Park

Do you love to shop? Covent Garden is a must for shopping. This shopping and entertainment area has everything you need for a successful weekend in the English capital. You can of course also shop in Oxford Street. Would you rather enjoy a spectacular view of the capital? Then buy a ticket for the London Eye.

After an intensive day of shopping and sightseeing, it’s best to relax in Hyde Park. This world famous park is a favorite place for many Londoners. Have a drink on the terrace at Serpentine Lake and enjoy all the greenery around you. With a little luck you can enjoy a beautiful performance or theater festival.

Enjoy the most beautiful city in Great Britain

Before you know it, a London city trip is over, so it’s important that you enjoy it as much as possible. Buy a tourist card for the metro and be easily transported to the main hubs and attractions in the city. You will undoubtedly have a fantastic time with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend in this versatile and dynamic city.