Westland London, for lovers of antique pieces

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Westland London, for lovers of antique pieces
For antique and prestigious fireplaces and chimneys please contact Westland London. You will find an extensive collection of antiques, for mansions, stately homes and castles. Westland has some 47 years experience in the finest English and European masterpieces of museum quality. Many antiques dating from the 16th to early 20th century. More than 750 fireplaces and chimneys can be admired, made of various materials, such as marble, wood and stone .


The company was founded in 1969 by Geoff Westland, who specialized in the buying and selling of 18th and 19th century furniture. He bought and sold these decorative elements again, he had contact with several international architects and designers.


The styles vary from different periods, namely: Louis XV, Louis XVI, Renaissance, Rococo, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Georgian, Victorian and Arts and Crafts.

Antique accessories
In addition to fireplaces and chimneys will find a wide range of antiques including: fire pits, grills, fireplace screens and fireplace tools. Also, you will find: clocks, mirrors, ornaments, furniture and lighting – as impressive chandeliers. For the garden can be admired architectural pieces, which include: wood carvings, beautiful sculptures and fountains .

Example of a beauty
Recent Westland London has a rare 19th century gilt and marble chimney acquired in the French Regency style. The panel is exquisitely decorated with gold paint, has a beautiful cornice, posts and frame. The decorations are, inter alia from gold-plated acanthus leaves. The fire shows Triomphe d’Amphitrite, which Nereids (mermaids) and Tritons (more men) are displayed, making a triumphal (per ride on a dolphin).


The professionals who work there tell passionate about the used traditional materials and techniques. Restorations are performed with patience and precision and the greatest care is taken to preserve this fine antiques. They are happy to help with all kinds of knowledge and information.

Westland London is six days a week, from Mon – Fri: 9: 00-17: 30, Sat 10: 00-17: 00 .

Easy to reach, either by walking or by public transport .



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