Citytrip Ghent

Past, present and future come together in Ghent

Ghent is the ideal city for an unforgettable city trip. Here you will find an ideal combination between a rich history and a challenging and idiosyncratic present. In addition, sustainability is very important in Ghent. In this way they take their responsibility for the future. During your city trip, be sure to visit the world-famous masterpiece Ghent Altarpiece by the van Eyck brothers. Completely different, but also worthwhile, is a walk along the colorful street art of the city. Or take a look into the future in De Krook, where Ghent shows its most modern side. That makes a visit to Ghent so fascinating. Present, past and future merge seamlessly into each other. This is something you have to experience for yourself.

Everything you are looking for in one city

During a city trip to Ghent you can experience everything you want. The historic buildings reflect the city’s rich history. For example, visit St. Bavo’s Cathedral or the impressive Gravensteen castle. The Belfry is also a well-known attraction. From this tower you also have a magnificent view of the city. Would you rather go shopping for a day? That is also perfectly possible in Ghent. Stroll through the cozy streets and discover the most trendy boutiques. Don’t forget to take a rest in one of the many cafes every now and then. Do you want to discover more of the city? Then rent a bike. Ghent has the largest car-free center in Europe. This allows you to cycle around it very relaxed. Don’t feel like having to cycle yourself? Even during a cruise you will effortlessly discover the most beautiful places in the city. Or take a seat in a carriage and imagine yourself in a bygone era.

Let the city enchant you

Not only does Ghent have a lot of interesting sights, the city itself is also very worthwhile. Beautiful historic buildings, romantic bridges and even a real city forest are beautiful to see. Be sure to take a stroll through the beautifully lit streets of the city at night. In this way, the beauty of Ghent is even more visible. In addition, Ghent also places great emphasis on the sustainable aspect. Ecotourism is very important in the city. For vegetarians, the city is a true heaven. In many places you can enjoy delicious vegetarian and organic food. Take a seat in one of the quirky restaurants and discover it for yourself. Ghent likes to take good care of the past, present and future. This way we can enjoy this beautiful city for years to come.

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