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Tips for New Parents

Tips for New Parents: How to Soothe a Fussy Newborn

Best Tips for New Parents list

1. Swaddle and Cuddle Your Baby

Swaddling your baby in a receiving blanket keeps your little bundle feeling cozy and secure, creating a womb-like feeling. Many parents find swaddling helps their babies settle down faster and sleep longer.

2. Encourage Nonnutritive Sucking

Babies often soothe themselves with nonnutritive sucking, which doesn’t fill their tummies but does calm their nerves. If your baby is crying, help her find her thumb, fist or finger, or simply offer a pacifier.

3. Walk Around with Your Baby

Walking around is a great way to soothe him/her. Babies enjoy the feeling of closeness and the rhythm of your steps. The carrier is also convenient because your hands remain free for multitasking.

4. Sing a Song or Lullaby

Your baby has no idea whether you sing off-key or with perfect pitch. What they do know is that whenever they’re being crooned to, you’re there with them. Whatever tune comes to mind, your baby will be comforted just by the sound of your voice.

5. Find Ways to Entertain Your Little One

Even young babies can get bored — and if they do, it can cause them to get fussy. To keep your little one entertained, try narrating your actions, replete with silly noises and animated expressions.

6. Keep Calm and Carry On

If overstimulation seems to be the problem, take everything down a few notches. Dim the lights, turn off the music, put your phone on vibrate and just mellow out with your baby. Also, reach out to other parents and families who can support and relate with you whenever you need it.