New friends for life — Enjoy every moment

"Life can give us a number of good friends.
But only true friends can give us a beautiful life"

We created
A bridge for couples

A bridge for couples to become more socially active again. This is what we want to achieve with Wetime. A platform where couples can find new friends but also each other.

 About Wetime

We are bridge builders

We build bridges in a relationship but also between couples.



Yes, this is a secure platform only for couples. We recieve a lot of questions from singles but our service is focused on couples and how we can make them socially active again.

Meet new friends

Our main goal is to connect couples with the same interests. Create the perfect start for a new friendschip. As an adult is it sometimes hard to make new friends but as a couple it is even harder.

FUn as a couple

Enjoy each other with the help of our tools. We build not only bridges between couples but also between each other. We create the perfect way to make a  relationship stronger.

Nice gifts for you

With our partners we are looking to provide you with nice experiences. From a citytrip to a new restaurant. The perfect way to end the week or start the weekend. Maybe even with some new friends!

Look couples in your neighberhood

  • Search for couples that match your lifestyle. Look for new friends and have a great meeting.


  • Several filters are in place to find the best possible matches for you as a couple. Interests, lifestyle, ... .


  • Plan your trip abroad in advance and start already looking for new friends in your travel location. Connect with local people or just some other traveling couples in town.


Do you remember the time when you where little?  Do you remember how easy it was to make new friends?

Awesome features


In a few months we will launch our international platform. Our test in Belgium was successful and we believe we should give it to the world. Presubscribe now and get a 5€ discount on a yearly subscription.

Awesome features

We are constantly looking for new tools to help couples getting socially more active and help them grow in their relationship.

Connect to other couples

No, you are not alone, there are many other couples also looking for new connections and new friendships. There are other couples that have the same struggles as you have. So join our platform now and connect yourself. 


Presubscribe and get a 5€  discount on first year